Elegant table settings delivered to your door

Elegant table settings delivered to your door

Table Setting Pricing

Pricing starts with our base fee, then is customized for your event needs. When you fill out our form to reserve our china, you get to choose what pieces or add-ons you will need for your event. See the chart below for pricing on individual items. Pricing is the same for any pattern you choose.

  • Base Event Fee $150

    This covers our time and costs for delivery, cleaning, and restocking

  • Cups and Saucers $3 each
  • Dinner Plates $2 each
  • Lunch, Salad, Dessert, or Bread & Butter Plates $1 each
  • Fruit Dishes & Soup Bowls $1 each
  • Water Glasses $1 each
  • Stemware $2 each
  • Silver Plated Flatware $1 each

    Knives, forks & spoons

  • All Serving Pieces $5 each

    Platters, serving dishes, butter plates, cream & sugar, salt & pepper, tea/coffee pot, gravy boat

  • Linen Package $75

    Tablecloths and matching cloth napkins for all your tables, includes cleaning

  • Flower Arrangement $50 each

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